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Kristi Matal
Kristi Matal is a professional speaker, singer, songwriter and entertainer. The majority of her speaking is done as a humorous character by the name of “Stella Rhodine”. (See more information about Stella below).

Kristi's unique singing voice is full of power, sensitivity, and passion. She sings her own original music and a variety of popular songs. Kristi's inspirational CDs, "Journeys", "Illumination" and “Celebration”, contain songs with styles ranging from pop, folk, gospel, light jazz to orchestral. Kristi is a featured speaker and singer at retreats, conferences and special events.

Online SurveyStella Rhodine
Stella Rhodine is a humorous speaker and entertainer for conferences, retreats, special events and parties. As an inspirational speaker and singer, she motivates her listeners to “follow their dream” and find ways to release stress through laughter. She speaks on topics related to following your dream, stress management and creativity. She plays a pink guitar and encourages her audience to sing along. She’s a “biscuits & gravy” kind of gal, and tells the truth in her Midwest accent! - Visit Stella's website